Complete the below form and upload images to be considered. Once completed our New Faces Director will reach out to arrange an appointment if you meet our criteria.

We require everyone to visit our office to be considered for representation, unless you are a developed model with experience and a developed book to be considered for Direct Representation ONLY. When you attend our open calls you do not need to bring anything with you, unless you already have a book, then please bring that.

You do not need professional pictures. If you have them we will accept them, but when emailing and uploading photos, we prefer to showcase yourself the most natural light. Please have a friend or family member take them for you. Please try to replicate images like the ones shown above. Color photos, in minimal to no makeup are preferred. IF YOU SEND IMAGES WITH SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM, OR FACETUNE FILTERS, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

If you are bringing small children into the agency for potential representation please be aware this is an AUDITION! This is also a professional office and we will politely ask you to return at another time if your child is crying/screaming, running around or climbing on our furniture. We also may determine he/she isn’t ready yet based on if they can interact and take direction. This isn’t personal but this is to determine if they can go to castings and actually work on set. There are many adorable children but it takes being able to sit still and take direction to model. So please be aware of our expectations, if they are not ready yet, consider it again in six months.

If you are a developed Actor, please send a RECENT headshot and resume to our On-Camera Director to schedule an audition

If you have a Mother Agency and are interested in being represented by Wilhelmina Denver, please have your Mother Agent contact us at to arrange an appointment.

Open Calls, all ages, all divisions are held on Mondays from 3-5pm. Appointments are not necessary for open calls. We do ask you complete the above form prior to visiting the agency. * PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CLOSED ON LABOR DAY

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