Yannick Abrath | I KSTTSWLLT I

Posted on:- 2 May, 2013


The following preview is a short version of the film I    KNOW SIMPLY THAT THE SKY WILL LAST LONGER THAN     I [52:50]   Yannick Abrath features in a work by visual artist Pierre Debusschere called I    KNOW SIMPLY THAT THE SKY WILL LAST LONGER THAN     I, which debuted just last month at the 28th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival in France. The above video treatment is but an excerpt of a larger work that encompasses a gallery exhibition, 52 minute film, book, and Web site. I KSTTSWLLT I, as it is known, draws inspiration from music, classical Flemish painters, and Italian novelist Umberto Eco. Debusschere is a long time contributor to Dazed & Confused and creative collaborator with Raf Simons.