Posted on:- 19 July, 2013

  NewsVideo By Damien Neva

Robyn Lawley has launched a signature swimwear line and in this video interview discusses her considerations for its design, which were first and foremost brought about by necessity of finding a swimsuit that complemented her figure. “I like my figure to look very hourglass and clean,” explains Robyn. “My first thing to fix was making the [garment] seams be really soft on the skin, but still supportive.” The line, which is available for pre-sale through Madison Plus Select, includes 13 different swimsuits in a variety of colors and designs. “I want the woman who is wearing my swimsuits to feel like an individual and to feel important especially when at the beach.” Speaking of beaches, find out in this interview which of Australia’s over 7,000 beaches is her absolute favorite.

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