Watch: Roberta Cardenio in “Roberta Sees Red”

Posted on:- 19 June, 2013

Red, the color adjacent to orange in the spectrum and opposite of violet. Often the color is used to describe everything from heat to fire engines. Red is also closely associated with passion and desire. That red is precisely the color seen by Italian model Roberta Cardenio in a short beauty vignette for video by Gail Hadani. Red unquestionably triggers myriad responses, but make no mistake it is Roberta who has viewers stopping in their tracks.

Credits include: Video, Gail Hadani; Art direction and beauty, Paul Innis; Fashion, Apuje Kalu; Editing, Gail Hadani; Model, Roberta Cardenio at Wilhelmina and Matthew Coatsworth at Soul; Music, Rami Yadid.