Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

Posted on:- 11 September, 2013

  Video By Damien Neva

NEW YORK — On a balmy Tuesday afternoon on Pier 57, Marc Jacobs put on a rocking show set to a high-volume blast of Jeffrey Lewis and the Rain’s single “WWPRD.” “Do you want bands to sell you things,” intoned the dueling vocalists. “Or do you want bands to tell you things?” Whatever it was this Marc by Marc collection for spring was telling us, Manon LeloupElisabeth Erm, and new boy Blake Sugarman, signed just last week after being spotted on the street, were there to help provide the answers.

At moments throughout the collection exuded a sort of daredevil abandon with free-flowing satiny fabrics. Scarves knotted around necks over locks of hair figured in many of the looks, which guarded against the possibility, however remote, of the expertly coifed dos by Guido Palau from whipping in the wind rolling lazily off the Hudson. This collection channeled higher speeds and faster times than even the gritty setting of the pier could suggest, but which Manon, Elisabeth, and Blake, all strived to achieve.

Credits include: Client, Marc Jacobs Intl; Collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014; Hair, Guido Palau; Makeup, Dick Page.