Watch: Coco Rocha | Lexus Design Disrupted

Posted on:- 6 September, 2013

  Video By Damien Neva

NEW YORK — Fashion Week occasions spectacles that might otherwise go unproduced in the grinding mundanity of everyday life. Thursday evening at SIR Studio 37, however witnessed such a spectacle, a dazzling holographic, live-action, choreographed display that took Coco Rocha as its focal point. Lexus Design Disrupted, as it was billed, made extraordinary use of 3D holographic technology, 3D mapping, choreography, and exclusive wardrobing from the archives of designer Giles Deacon. “I think we’re in a new time in fashion where it’s not just about photos in a magazine,” explains Coco, no stranger herself to the vanguard of media in the digital age. That method of visual communication will continue to exist, but Coco predicts “being able to capture things with technology, music, fashion, and all of it combined just brings it to another level.” That other level was glimpsed Thursday night through a trick of optics and the mesmerizing movements of Coco Rocha.

Credits include: Title, Lexus Design Disrupted; Creative direction, Andrew Thomas Huang at LEGS; Wardrobing, Giles Deacon; Choreography, Ryan Heffington; Master of ceremonies, Joe Zee at ELLE.