Posted on:- 23 August, 2013

Video By Damien Neva

NEW YORK — Clarke has embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise $10,000 to aid the development of access to clean water in underserved communities throughout the world. To raise awareness for this initiative launched through charity: water, Clarke will be climbing two mountains in Ecuador — Cayambe (18,997 feet / 5790 meters ) and Cotopaxi (19,348 feet / 5897 meters). For Clarke the reasoning is simple, if he can scale two peaks several miles high, then people can donate five or ten dollars toward a noble goal.

“A lot of people can see me and and say ‘you’re just a pretty face,’ but not where I come from,” explains Clarke, who came to appreciate the immeasurable value of community service whilst attending a Jesuit high school in Indiana. Having climbed Mount Rainier this summer, Clarke is determined to go even further up a pair of volcanic peaks in Ecuador and raise a bundle of cash for charity: water in the process.

Donate now by visiting Climb for Clean Water.

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