VIDEO: Wang Xiao, Jing + Karmay | CR Fashion Book‘s “Entropy”

Posted on:- 10 April, 2014

  Video By Wilhelmina


Everything isn’t always what it seems…

At first glance, CR Fashion Book‘s “Entropy” video looks to be like any other disastrous dinner party – complete with spilled wine, shattered glass, and catty guests – but, since it’s at the helm of fashion editor Michaela Dosamantes; everyone’s dressed in haute looks. Then, in a panning zoom-out, you realize it was just a scene in a television show, another zoom-out and it appears the television show was just a painting all along… Watch as our very own Wang XiaoJing, and Karmay, turn into on-screen characters all to the sounds of Childish Gambino’s “Zealots of Stockholm”.

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