Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013

Posted on:- 13 May, 2013

0-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_BEN_HASSETT Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Ben Hassett) Sung Hee stars in a double-feature — one beauty, one fashion — in the June issue of Vogue China by photographers Ben Hassett and Sharif Hamza respectively. The People’s Republic is not only home to nearly 20 percent of the planet’s population, but also boasts the fastest-growing economy. Without delving into subject matter best left to The Economist, suffice it to say China has the wherewithal month after month to export some of the best-produced fashion stories. That Sung Hee, campaign face of Prada Spring 2013, features in two such stories bespeaks volumes about the South Korean model.
Credits include: Publication, Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013; Title, “New Classic”; Photography, Ben Hassett; Fashion, Ida Wang; Makeup, Lloyd Simmonds for YSL; Hair, Peter Gray using Shu Uemura Art of Hair; Manicure, Laura Forget at Artlist; Styling, Mélanie Huynh; Set design, Matt Duddleston; Retouching, Paulina Leftley at Post Retouch; Models, Sung Hee Kim, Ji Hye Park. Title, “The Brit Eccentrics”; Photography, Sharif Hamza; Styling, Tiina Laakonen; Hair, Esther Langham; Makeup, Francelle Daly; Manicure, Gina Edwards at Kate Ryan Inc.; Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro at Streeters; Production, Ashley Herson for Ten Twenty Eight Productions; Retouching, Arc Lab Ltd; Studio, ROOT Brooklyn; Models, Sung Hee, Yumi Lambert, Ji Hye Park. 1-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_BEN_HASSETT Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Ben Hassett) 2-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_BEN_HASSETT Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Ben Hassett) 3-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_BEN_HASSETT Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Ben Hassett) 1-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_SHARIF_HAMZA Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Sharif Hamza) 2-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_SHARIF_HAMZA Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Sharif Hamza) 3-SUNG_HEE_VOGUE_CHINA_JUNE_2013_SHARIF_HAMZA Sung Hee | Vogue服饰与美容 June 2013 (Photography: Sharif Hamza)