Soo Joo | Numéro Россия Май 2013

Posted on:- 8 May, 2013

1-SOO_JOO_PARK_NUMERO_RUSSIA_MAY_2013_KARL_LAGERFELD Soo Joo | Numéro Россия Май 2013 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld) Since the beginning of the year Soo Joo has walked twice for Chanel, couture and ready-to-wear respectively, and in doing so has evidently made an impression on the house’s creative designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Sure, there is that coveted karlbear illustration that Soo Joo sketched for the designer, but the lasting impression has now carried over into print for this month’s issue of Numéro Россия. Photographed by none other than Karl himself with creative direction by André Leon Talley, the May cover story titled “бенефис,” or simplybenefit, trains a gleaming spotlight Soo Joo wearing what else but looks from the Chanel Fall 2013 collection. Both stunning and arresting, Soo Joo’s portraits ought to keep readers rapt for her next feature...
Credits include: Publication, Numéro Россия N°3 Май 2013; Title, “бенефис”; Photography, Karl Lagerfeld; Creative direction, André Leon Talley; Styling, Ethel Park at Frank Reps; Art, Sam Sohaili at DMA United; Hair, Perrine Rougement at Caren; Makeup, Tatsu Yamanaka at Marie-France Thavonekham Sarl; Casting direction, Larissa Gunn at PRODn at Art + Commerce. 0-SOO_JOO_PARK_NUMERO_RUSSIA_MAY_2013_KARL_LAGERFELD “бенефис” | Numéro Россия Май 2013 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld) 2-SOO_JOO_PARK_NUMERO_RUSSIA_MAY_2013_KARL_LAGERFELD Soo Joo | Numéro Россия Май 2013 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld) 3-SOO_JOO_PARK_NUMERO_RUSSIA_MAY_2013_KARL_LAGERFELD Soo Joo | Numéro Россия Май 2013 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld) 4-SOO_JOO_PARK_NUMERO_RUSSIA_MAY_2013_KARL_LAGERFELD Soo Joo | Numéro Россия Май 2013 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld)