Mr. Anatomy: Boubacar Doumbouya

Posted on:- 3 August, 2010

Boubacar Doumbouya, Wilhelmina Denver model, is almost unrecognizable fully body painted in front of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science last Sunday. Doumbouya aka “Mr. Anatomy” was captured in this pic charming Kristin Sichmeller’s 7-month-old daughter, Brecken. Doumbouya was strolling the city throughout the day promoting Body Worlds & the Story of the Heart. This exhibit dives into the lenses of anatomy, cardiology, psychology, and culture as well as how the heart nourishes, regulates, and sustains life. The exhibit leaves visitors with profound insight into the human body, health and disease, and the complexity of the cardiovascular system. There are an amazing 200 plus human specimens in the exhibit, including whole-body plastinates, organs and translucent body slices. This must see exhibit ends August 15th.