Latest Trend in the Modeling World

Posted on:- 27 May, 2010

What is a plus-size model? When people hear the term plus-size model an image of a woman with a pretty face who is usually overweight pops into their head when in actuality the average plus-size model is smaller than the average American woman. A plus size model usually wears a size twelve while the average woman wears a size fourteen.

"There is a real disconnect between what the fashion industry considers to be a plus-size model and what the average person considers to be plus size," Givhan said. It is strange that in a society based on an overweight population that the standard high fashion model is still wearing a size double zero or zero.

The winds of change are in motion in the fashion industry with a trend of what the modeling industry refers to as a plus size model working their curves on the runway. Previously as Americans became more and more overweight, models seen on the runway were becoming thinner and thinner. Which body type is right for the runway when each create an argument for how women view themselves. Here is the Catch22. The thinner the model is, there possibly is a correlation to a higher percentage of eating disorders and body complexes in modern day society. On the other hand people seeing these so called "plus size models" on the runway more might make them begin to be more accepting obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Wilhelmina is known for doing a fantastic job of representing a good number of plus-size models all around the world and whatever the trends on the runway gear towards, Wilhelmina will always be there to suit the needs of their clients.