Keke & Lilli Lindgard | WWD Model Call — 06/18/13

Posted on:- 19 June, 2013

1-KEKE_LILLI_LINDGARD_WWD_2013_18JUNE2013-500 Sisters Lindgard — Keke & Lilli in WWD Model Call (Screen shot via WWD Model Call serves up a Twofer Tuesday in the shape of Keke Lindgardand her younger sister Lilli Lindgard. The sisters have been running circles around the five boroughs, but took some time to speak with WWD for Tuesday’s feature. Though definitely sisters, Keke and Lilli are not without their differences. “I’m more of a tomboy,” admits Lilli. “But I’m not prissy,” counters the Keke. “[Lili]’s more sassy than I am. She’ll confront someone if something is bugging her.” One thing is for certain, however, the sisters Lindgard are making a name for their family in the world of modeling.
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