Garrett Neff | Carbon Copy May 2013

Posted on:- 30 April, 2013

0-GARRETT_NEFF_CARBON_COPY_MAY_2013_YU_TSAI Garrett Neff | Carbon Copy May 2013 (Photography: Yu Tsai) Despite what this publication’s title might suggest, modeling icon Garrett Neff is no dupe! The May cover of Cabon Copy by photographer Yu Tsai shows Garrett to be every bit as genteel and erudite as he is in everyday life. Judging by any of Garrett’s latest Vine entries, including this gem that ought to have Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek rethinking his entire career, we can also conclude that Garrett is truly one of a kind.
Hey, everybody, how’s it going? Welcome to the game show! [Buttons jacket. End scene.]