Posted on:- 16 March, 2016


If getting in shape is on your list, then follow these quick exercise tips that Wilhelmina fitness model and wellness expert Nora Tobin shared with us from her room at the Dream Downtown. These moves and exercises are simple enough to do from home or in your hotel room while you’re on the go, so you can maintain your commitment to fitness year-round.

The Workout

Perform each exercise for 20 reps. Repeat the series 3 times through.


Come onto your forearms with hands clasped. Extend legs directly back to straight, forming a long line from head to heels.
Draw bellybutton toward spine, engage the quads and bring shoulder blades toward one another. Alternatively, you can perform this exercise on knees.

Triceps Dip:

Place palms on the edge of table or bench with fingers facing toward the body. Extend legs out from hips with knees bent or legs straight.
Deeply bend elbows directly back and lower upper body down toward the floor. Keep hips up and shoulders down and back.


Stand with right foot forward and left foot back, toes pointing straight ahead. Back foot can rest on a table or the floor. Deeply bend both knees and lower down until back knee hovers over the floor. Keep torso upright, align front knee over ankle and engage the core.
Extend legs back to straight, driving through the ball of your big toe. Engage the glutes the entire time.


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Deeply bend both knees, shift hips back and lower down like you are sitting in a chair.
Drive through the ball of the big toe and return to standing. Repeat the movement, maintain an upright spine and knees behind the toes.


Come onto hands and knees. Bring hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Extend legs to straight or keep knees resting on the ground.
Deeply bend the arms and lower body down until chest hovers over the floor. Be sure to keep hips lifted and do not collapse in the low back. Press through the palms and extend arms toward straight to return to starting position.

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Nora Tobin 
Instagram: @noratobin 

Hair & Make up by: Tiffany Nicole
Instagram: @tiffdoesmakeup