Eli Hall and the Ultimate Selfie

Posted on:- 11 July, 2013

  News By Damien Neva

Eli Hall creates the ultimate selfie in the Paris Métro at Arts et Métiers (Photography: Eli Hall)Eli Hall creates the ultimate selfie in the Paris Métro at Arts et Métiers (Photography: Eli Hall)

During the Spring 2014 menswear shows in Milan last month Salt Lake City native Eli Hall turned 22. On the morning of the Salvatore Ferragamo show Eli was in particularly good spirits despite having to make the 0900 call time the morning after Fashion Week’s Saturday night in Milan. Eli went on to walk for Ermenegildo ZegnaFendiJohn Varvatos, and Vivienne Westwood amongst others. In Paris Eli featured for Hermès, Issey Mikayke, Berluti, and Cerruti.

On an afternoon following the shows in Paris, Eli took to the streets with his faithful skateboard hitting the requisite landmarks both aboveground and underground. At one particular stop along Paris Métro Line 3 at Arts et Métiers Eli snapped what he describes in typical parlance for his generation as the “#ultimateselfie” (above). Using a fisheye lens and time-delayed exposure, Eli captured his own image in a manner utterly atypical for his generation. There is nothing especially vain or narcissistic about the portrait. In fact, the only thing in common it has with the thousands of selfies produced daily by his generation not to mention modeling contemporaries was that he took the shot himself.

The shot is all the more impressive for its setting, which was designed by François Schuiten to evoke the science fiction worlds of Jules Verne. Copper paneling and rivets positively gleam under the glow of fluorescent lighting lining either side of the tracks. And there is Eli, standing stoically, skateboard in hand, safari hat at his brow, ready for whatever the world throws his way…or at the very least the 3 to Père Lachaise.

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