Editorial: Ton Heukels | Arena Homme +‘s “Cruise Control”, Spring/Summer ’14

Posted on:- 1 May, 2014

Editorial: Ton Heukels | Arena Homme +‘s “Cruise Control”, Spring/Summer ’14

  Editorial By Wilhelmina


Venetia Scott perfectly captures Ton Heukels for Arena Homme+’s Spring/Summer 2014 issue, which mimics looking through an old photo album a la Boogie Nights. In “Cruise Control,” Ton traverses the Italian Riviera during a summer vacation as he backtracks to the 1970′s era of long hair and the mustache. Designs from Marc Jacobs, Trussardi, and more, help recreate a 70′s aesthetic where printed blouses, cut-off shorts, and ironic t-shirts make a comeback.

Credit: Styling by Poppy Kain.

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