EDITORIAL: Soo Joo | Vogue China‘s “Supermodel Street Shoot”, May ’14

Posted on:- 21 April, 2014

  Editorial By Wilhelmina


Soo Joo is featured in Vogue China‘s May 2014 issue “Supermodel Street Shoot” portfolio where she appears alongside her choice wardrobe and a corresponding interview. Find the English translation below…

1. When was the first time for you to participate in Paris Fashion Week ? How was your dressing style at that time? Is it different from now? Spring/Summer 2013 collections. It’s kind of the same—embracing unique pieces I like and mix and matching.

2. When was the first time you got street photographed? How was your feeling when you saw the pictures came out on magazine or internet? Can you still recall how was the look? I can’t remember, I think it was during S/S 2013. It was a bit funny, and flattering that people noticed my style. Nowadays there’s a swarm of photographers outside yelling your name and five minutes later a notification from Twitter or Instagram of you!

3. What do you think is the biggest difference between Paris Fashion Week and the other big Fashion Weeks? It feels nicer, and I’m usually more relaxed by then. It’s my favorite.

4. How many clothes do you usually prepare for Fashion Week? Do you prepare the looks before? I just take 5 or so pieces with me and mix them with basics. The hardest is packing shoes—they’re so heavy! I don’t really prepare anything until the morning of.

5. In Paris, where do you generally go shopping and what kind of stuff do you like to buy the most? I go to vintage shops in Marais, and then Printemps for some tax-free spending.

6. What’s the key point of your look on this photo? Did you figure it out yourself? This beautiful dress is from Chanel’s S/S 2014 collection and I played it down with a beanie. Yes I did!

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