Colton Kimsey, Ronald Epps, Zach King & Otto Van Krutgen | Nylon Guys July 2013

Posted on:- 10 June, 2013

1-COLTON_KIMSEY_NYLON_GUYS_AKIKO_HIGUCHI_JULY_2013-66 Colton Kimsey | Nylon Guys July 2013 (Photography: Akiko Higuchi) Even though it is raining in New York on this dreary Friday, the sun is always shining in Nylon Guys. For its July issue, the Nylon that is expressly “not for girls,” cultivates readerly taste through a series of streetstyle portraits of Colton KimseyRonald EppsZach King, and Otto Van Krutgen. The quartet of fellas from the Wilhelmina Men’s development board is particularly well-suited for the sunny-day portraits that will no doubt speak volumes to the Nylon Guysreadership.
Credits include: Publication, Nylon Guys July 2013; Title, “Taste”; Photography, Akiko Higuchi, Ewelina Nietupska; Still lifes, George Underwood. 2-RONALD_EPPS_NYLON_GUYS_AKIKO_HIGUCHI_JULY_2013-74 Ronald Epps | Nylon Guys July 2013 (Photography: Akiko Higuchi) 3-ZACH_KING_NYLON_GUYS_EWELINA_NIETUPSKA_JULY_2013-78 Zach King | Nylon Guys July 2013 (Photography: Ewelina Nietupska) 4-OTTO_VAN_KRUGTEN_NYLON_GUYS_EWELINA_NIETUPSKA_JULY_2013-82 Otto Van Krutgen | Nylon Guys July 2013 (Photography: Ewelina Nietupska)