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Wilhelmina Twins GIGI and IRENA

Posted on:- 18 May, 2011

Wilhelmina twins Gigi and Irena are shot by up and coming photographter Lara Jade for a whimsical story of two sisters and their bond at [gallery order="DESC"]

Christian Bonello Featured in Jaque Fragrance Image

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

Check out Wilhelmina Denver's very own Christian Bonello featured as the New Jaque Fragrance Image!

Wilhelmina Denver Shoot with Jenna Walker

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

Check out this blissful shoot featuring Erin Hollingsworth and Kellie Lemmel with Jenna Walker, one of the most famous wedding photographers in Colorado. This shoot is filled with gorgeous bright colors and has a wonderful summer feel!

Dagmar Shoot with Ricardo Mejia

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

[gallery order="DESC" columns="2"] Check out Wilhelmina Denver's beautiful Dagmar Bjork in this fabulous shoot with Ricardo Mejia done in San Diego two weeks ago.

Upcoming Sports Authority Shoot!

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

We are very excited about shooting with Sports Authority this week. They booked Wilhelmina Denver's very own Lisa Nelson, Mia Voss, Susi Kim, and Ciela Sfirri for their new catalog.

Nicos Christou and Aiden Zeller in the Bounty Napkins Shoot

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

Check out Nicos Christou and Aiden Zeller in upcoming Bounty Napkin Advertisements! The Bounty Napkins shoot was held last week and will feature both of Wilhelmina Denver's talented models. Nicos Aiden

Lola and Tobi Osikoya featured in Target

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

Stay posted for the upcoming appearance of Wilhelmina Denver's twins, Lola Osikoya and Tobi Osikoya, in Target stores across the nation starting this fall!Lola Tobi

Style Me Pretty featuring Sophia Sares

Posted on:- 17 May, 2011

Our very own Sophia Sares was featured in Style Me Pretty's Inspiration to Reality bridal themed shoot! A special thanks to the wonderful artistic team who developed this shoot with photography by James Christianson Photography, amazing makeup by janine, and the the events design & coordination by Sapphire Celebrations.


Posted on:- 16 May, 2011

OMAYRA BY TATIJANA SHOAN Omayra was recently shot by Tatijana Shoan for her editorial "Shades of Pale" Continue reading "OMAYRA BY TATIJANA SHOAN" »